Sunday, 8 May 2011

Home again

We are finally back on our little Paradise island.

After the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Bali it is just amazing to be back here with the swaying coconut trees, cats and the house.

Mike was unfortunate enough to travel back with us and between the three of us we filled up the bemo completely. I do not want to know, nor think about how many kg's of food/appliances we had with us.

It takes us two days to get to this island from Bali and we had to spend the night in what felt like karaoke hell. (The place we were staying at had the karaoke system on full blast and our room was right next to the bar so not much sleep and had to listen to some awful renditions of songs that will never be the same again to me).

Had a fantastic sleep last night and so good to wake up in your own bed to the sound of the waves softly crashing in on the beach and the birds chirping away on their morning song. (And yes they are louder than ever but what sweet music compared to last night), and really to be woken up by birds twittering is kinda my idea of heaven.

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