Friday, 27 May 2011


It has been flat as a pancake here for the last two days. More like a lake than a surf spot.
But the mornings have been wonderful with hardly any winds so Mikaela and I have been SUP'ing, (stand-up paddle boarding), for the last two mornings. It's been Mikaela's first time paddle boarding and I am blown away by how quickly she has learnt it.
Photo taken by Karine Avon-Leveille

It is a great way to exercise, beautiful scenery as we paddle up in the lagoon past Tom and Sally's place. All in all it takes us about an hour. On Sunday Gerfried and Susannah from Austria arrive here on the island and she is an avid paddle boarder, so it is good to get in shape before she gets here. ;-)
Oh, anyone out there with a spare paddle could ya' send it down please? Sally is missing a paddle for her SUP and I am missing our paddle board sessions!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Afternoon grogginess....

It's been one of those days.
Got up at three in the morning (!) not because I particularly like being up that early but I just couldn't sleep anymore. Which is a first and hopefully last. Then I did the market run, went out to the reef to watch John surf the big waves, came back in and then HUGE mistake! had breakfast just before I left to go surfing.
What an idiot I am!
Being tumbled around in messy waves on a full stomach: Def not recommended!
I lastet 1 hour, came back in and collapsed onto the bed and woke up at two in the afternoon!
The reminder of the day was spent in the hammock reading....
....and watching the sun set. Tough life :-)

Monday, 23 May 2011

Surf's up!

This past week I've been extremely busy. The surf has been up and since I've found Karine and Mikaela we've been going out every single day together. Plenty of laughter and hard work, the winds have been pretty strong but the last two days we had our "bonus" days where everything just came together: wind, surf direction and waves. (Not only that: these chicks have got boyfriends who willingly come down and take photo's so I just had to post some on my blog).
Normally you have a million rules you have to follow when you are out surfing. (Ok, maybe not THAT many).

1. Never paddle on the inside of anyone else.
2. Never drop in on someone else's wave.
3. The person closest to the whitewater has the right of wave.
4. Once you caught the wave and paddle back into the line up you have to wait your turn.

In this picture below I think we broke every single rule:
I've also been increasingly busy with my jewellery so the days have flown past and suddenly it is Monday. Again. Am I the only one that feels like time suddenly has got a brand new jet engine? Where is the days going? At the moment I feel like there are not enough hours in the day.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes

Well, I cracked. Plus it is the weekend so bring on the sugar.

Here is a good recipe for Chocolate cupcakes:
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 Cup Milk, or 175ml milk
1/3 Cup oil or 75ml oil
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 egg
: Mix together all the dry then add all the wet.
Bake at 180 for about 20 mins.

icing sugar
cocoa powder
little bit of butter
: Mix all together.
Here Mikaela enjoys a little post-surf treat.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Free give-aways!

Four beautiful kittens ready to be picked up in two months.
Preferably 2 and 2 as they play well together.
Personal pick up only!
If only things were so easy.
Here on the island cats do not have a good name.
Especially not black ones. A lot of superstition involved....
These ones are about 2 weeks old now and gorgeous.
At the moment they live in our kitchen cupboards, where I fixed a nice box for them.
Now I am desperately seeking homes for them.
I've heard rumours that some of the locals actually have taken to liking cats now so hopefully we'll find a decent home for them.....

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The fridge

My cats l o v e the fridge.
They have discovered that it hides a multitude of goodies and every time I open it they will all be appearing from thin air and sit themselves in front of it.
I've seen them when they think I am not around and they rub themselves up against it, purr at it, sleep on it, but they have yet to be able to open it.
Here's Tails on top of the fridge trying to sweet talk it into opening itself but to no avail.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Eating habits

I've always thought that my eating habits were pretty healthy.
I have home made bread for breakfast, muesli for lunch and then often fried veggies of one sort or another for dinner. I hardly touch alcohol anymore. My main downfall is the sugar. I am addicted to it.
So I decided on Sunday, (after a very informative talk with Sally on the Saturday), to try and ditch the sugar habit and maybe try and give proper healthy living a bit of a go. Monday went well and then Tuesday 16th May happened and well, that didn't go so well. Either did yesterdays 17th May with chocolate.
So I am starting afresh this morning. With a fantastic "green" smoothie: spinach, avocado, papaya, water, honey, ginger, cinnamon and bananas. This was my breakfast. So let's see how far into the day I can go without cracking. My willpower is not the greatest as the two previous days have shown. Will I last until tomorrow?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Happy Norway Day!

Today it is Norway's National Day.

We take this day very seriously.

So seriously in fact we start celebrating it the day before, on the 16th May.

Most of the people that I know of in my hometown of Bergen will then wake up on the 17th of May with a massive hangover, get in their national custome, (bunad) and head in to the city to watch the procession and eat as many ice creams as humanly possible.

Photo: Scanpix

17th May is a huge day for the children as every school have their own procession and continue the day with fun and games for children and parents. If you are ever planning to go to Norway for a holiday I would warmly recommend you go there on the 15th May so you can experience the 16th-17th May for yourself.

It is truly an amazing experience! Especially in my home town of Bergen. Just make sure to bring an umbrella as the weather as always is very unpredictable but the atmosphere more than makes up for it.

I had a slightly more different day here on the island.

Had some windblown surf today and shared the waves with 1 Finland girl, 2 boys from Norway, 1 Swiss girl and 1 Aussie girl. Big change from yesterdays sole surf.

I would love some "rommegrot" and "spekeskinke", but fish and salad will do for today and some chocolate pie.

To everyone back home: Hope you're having a great day!

Norwegians in town

Had my first surf completely alone yesterday.
Didn't do much for my confidence as it is pretty lonely out there by yourself but by the end of it I felt good. Although must say I much prefer surfing with someone.
When I came back in I got a phone call from Yanto, the manager of the resort down here.
- " Hildi, guess what?"
- "?"
- "I have Norwegians here!"
- "OMG what shall we do with them? Fry them, bake them or eat them raw?"
(Yanto and Holt in the resort bar)

I was beyond happy as the number of my fellow Norwegians that somehow manage to find this spot I can count on two hands, and that is including the ones that I have brought down here.
Yanto had gotten word that it was the 16th May, very important piss up day for the Nor-Nor's as the 17th May is our independence day so he invited John and I over for dinner. Yessss!
So my day went from not so great to fantastic in just one phone call.
The guys, Goran and Mads are pilots for one of the private aeroplane companies in Indonesia and it was just great to be able to speak Norwegian again and to get to know these two blokes. It was also good to eat a good meal again and not have to cook, (fish, steak, veggies, salad, cake, soup, you name it, it was there).

Today I am taking them surfing after we've gone around the house with the Norwegian flag and sung our National Anthem!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pigs in Paradise

The pigs here on the island is unlike any other pigs that I have ever encountered.
They L O V E the beach and every afternoon you can see them waddle their way from the village down to the beach. Often with their little ones in tow.
Here they rummage around for hours, rooting around with their noses in the sand searching for crabs, rolling around in the water and being happy as Larry. They walk around freely everywhere and will return to their owners late afternoon to be fed coconuts and other scraps. We have a big Mama pig living just outside our rock wall and she is waiting there every afternoon for potato peel, egg shells and whatever else I have left over.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Injuries at kite board beach

The winds have been howling lately.
Strong, strong July winds in the middle of May.
Good news for the happy kite boarding crew though. Greg and John took the trip down to kite board beach yesterday. (With me as always in tow).
Armed with only one kite: an 8 meter.
(John's 9 meter needs a new bladder so it is in for repair and to kite anything bigger in these winds would be a suicide mission).
Accidents are bond to happen in these kind of winds. Which they did.
Greg ended up barefoot on the reef, with no booties and luckily only escaped with some minor scratches on his feet.
Then he got dragged onto the beach and got some scrapes on his thighs.
The beach itself is beautiful but eerie. There is a cliff that I have named "The Phantom cliff/ Skull Rock", see if you can see the "skull" in the cliff.

Lookie look

Nice looking catepillars we found in the garden today.
Wonder what they'll turn into.
Super butterflies?
Or monster moths?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sunday on a Wednesday

I woke up this morning to hard rain.
It was great as it gave me an excuse to disappear under the duvet again.
It has been going the whole day.
It has been a perfect day for working on my necklaces, eat too much chocolate and read books.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Home again

We are finally back on our little Paradise island.

After the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Bali it is just amazing to be back here with the swaying coconut trees, cats and the house.

Mike was unfortunate enough to travel back with us and between the three of us we filled up the bemo completely. I do not want to know, nor think about how many kg's of food/appliances we had with us.

It takes us two days to get to this island from Bali and we had to spend the night in what felt like karaoke hell. (The place we were staying at had the karaoke system on full blast and our room was right next to the bar so not much sleep and had to listen to some awful renditions of songs that will never be the same again to me).

Had a fantastic sleep last night and so good to wake up in your own bed to the sound of the waves softly crashing in on the beach and the birds chirping away on their morning song. (And yes they are louder than ever but what sweet music compared to last night), and really to be woken up by birds twittering is kinda my idea of heaven.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


For our last supper in Bali we decided to go to Rumours.
An old favourite of ours and it was great to be back.
The food here is absolutely divine, if you are a meat lover, (even if you are not as they have some great fish on the menu too).
It is John's favourite restaurant in Bali.
We even had time to play footsies under the table.

Vienna Cafe

Yesterday was a great day.
After all that running around the previous days we only had stuff to do in the morning and then the rest of the day we were free to do whatever we felt like.
I went to Cafe Vienna.
Susanne and Gerfried, some Austrian friends of ours, recommended this place last year and finally I had the chance to experience it myself. It is located a few meters down from the "Corner Store" up in Jl. Oberoi, if you continue the way down to "La Sal" Restaurant.
They have probably the best muesli in the whole of Bali here and the cafe is quirky and lovely. Just the way I like them and free wi-fi.
This was also the first coffee I've had since being back in Bali and it was awesome.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Junction, -revisited

Well, we had to. Just because we like the food here and it is vegetarian friendly as well.
And check out their toilet:
Bet you they never go empty for toilet rolls in this place. (Check out the whole wall covered in toilet rolls on the left hand side of this photo).
Had dinner with Mike, our neighbour down on our island, vegetarian. He is also a pure, bonafide shaman, finished his education last year and as always full of inspirational stories. This dude has done some serious crazy stuff. We had some sessions with him last year and he is good and dedicated


I am probably one of the worst backseat drivers in the world.
I am not comfortable on the back of a motorbike and it does not help that my husband turns into Valentino Rossi the minute he starts the motorbike and wants to overtake everything in sight. (That being said I must also mention that he is a really good motorbike driver has been on bikes probably before he could walk and I do reckon he would have given Rossi a run for his money).
Anyways, I did not grow up with motorbikes, in fact do not like them very much at all so all this running around on the back of the bike here in Bali dodging traffic is not a very good scenario for me. Or John. His waist is often black and blue after me clenching on to him. (I really do not do the cool biker chick look. You'll see me pale, terrified and clenching on so hard my knuckles go white and I'll have muscle exhaustion until we are back on our island). The traffic here in Kuta is getting worse and worse every year. Two lane motorways is often blocked with cars squeezing in and making it a four way motorway. I have seen too many accidents that I care to count and I still end up as a back seat motorbike driver every time we get here. You should face your fears every day someone told me once and have I been facing them this time around.
We've been laden down with boxes of food etc. driving backwards and forwards to the hotel.
To day we managed to cargo off all our groceries and tomorrow I will be enjoying the day, -on foot, checking out cushion shops, interior shops and fun shops like that. While John will take a welcoming break from all the driving around and his waist gets a bit of a rest....

Early morning start

It was another early morning start for us here in Bali. My morning vision is something like this:
and it doesn't get any better until I've had breakfast.
Straight after breakfast we headed up to get some new cushion covers made up as the old ones we have in our lounge are now worn and faded.
Then straight to another food store to buy the rest of the groceries we need for 3 months down on our island.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Passion fruit and Mykonos

How can something this ugly taste so good?
I remember the first time John introduced me to passion fruit. It looked absolutely disgusting, and you kinda have to slurp it in. Once you get used to the consistency though it tastes absolutely yummy. This was our lunch for today.
We had an early start to the day, met up with Mike in the morning, went motorbike hunting, got to the supermarket by nine, spent a couple of hours there, caught a taxi back to the hotel to drop off and re-pack our groceries to get them ready for shipping tomorrow. Back on the motorbike. Change money. Get our paperwork sorted for the fingerprinting we have to do on Thursday for the immigration, drop off some washing, get some surf wax, go to the hardware store and get some more stuff, back to the hotel drop the stuff off, and then at the end of the afternoon we met up with Mike again at Mykonos the restaurant in Bali and I had the meal that I have been dreaming about for the last week:
Fried Calamari
Gyros w/pita bread, salad, tzatsiki,
Baclava with vanilla ice cream.
No need to wonder what my favourite part of the day was. It is only 20.30 and I am ready to go to bed. Another huge day tomorrow.

Food shopping

It feels like every time we go to Bali we hit it running. There is so much to do and as always not enough time. Today and tomorrow we concentrate on food shopping, trying to get it all in order and ready to ship off by freight tomorrow afternoon.
Two absolutely packed shopping trolleys in Carrefour and a pretty huge bag in Ace was what we managed today.
The traffic here in Bali gets worse every year and you spend at least quarter of the time stuck in some traffic jam. I am hoping by this time tomorrow we will have it all sorted and shipped off.

Monday, 2 May 2011

On the move

Well, we've run scarily low on food supplies. The surf forecast for this week is for ankle foot sloppy waves and light winds and lets face it: It has been well over a month since either of us had a decent ice-cream and we have run out of chocolate.
So, we are on our way to Bali to do a "food" run.
The local bemo came and picked us up this morning, sweet ride eh? especially enjoy the view out the front window.
And if you've gone without your favourite "food" for a while you'll know exactly how good it tastes those first few bites. Delish!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sundays, -gotta love them

Living so close to the church here on the island every Sunday we get to wake up at 05.00 in the morning by the church bells ringing. Reminding every villager that in exactly 1 hour the church service starts. If that fails to wake me up at exactly 0515 the birds starts chirping so loudly you'd think they were competing for the Indo Idol...and if that fails and we still have not gotten out of bed the cats will storm our bedroom at around 05.45 demanding to get fed. Sundays has turned into a bit of a "holy" day even for us. It is power day so we get to have the use of electricity until way after lunch time so it is great.
I normally make a big batch of pancakes and we'll turn the TV on and catch up on news, sports etc. It is also Sundays and Mondays we are hurting the most for food as market days are on Tuesdays and by Sundays the veggies have gone rather sad. Mondays is our muesli for dinner day. Sunday is whatever I have left in the fridge.
And unless there is surf Sunday afternoons I play around with the cats.
The fence is now completed so the view below is from our neighbour's property and you can see a bit of our lounge and the view he has still got. Fingers crossed they will not think it is too bad when they get here. With a bit of luck they might embrace their newfound privacy fence.