Monday, 18 April 2011

Yet another cyclone

Is it cyclone season or what?
Yet another beauty hit us yesterday and John & John got their kites out for a spin.
The winds were quite gusty and strong and luckily the event went by without any damages. (Phew!) The whole kite boarding affair takes time and effort. There's ropes to be untangled, bladders to be fixed, (they puncture real easy), and you need someone there to help you launch the kite. Having watched these guys learn and take some seriously heavy falls to where they are now makes me A L M O S T wish that I had taken it up. Kiteboarding that is. But then when you see them getting launched into the air, losing control of their kites and see them fall hard into trees, beach etc. I am glad that I did not.

Living in a tree house when a cyclone is going through is not a quiet affair. The blinds are banging, the roof is shaking and the whole thing is actually really loud. So, had very little sleep last night. Today the winds seem to have dropped off a bit so fingers crossed for a more peaceful night.

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