Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"If you could have anything.... the world for dinner tonight, what would you have"?
This is one of our favourite "games" here on the island. Normally this "game" doesn't start until way after two months have gone by but due to lack of good veggies at the market, lack of fish etc. etc. it has started way before its time.
We have been here on the island a little over a month now and it has gotten to the stage where I am actually dreaming of food. (Sad, I know). That and the fact that we are running shockingly low on chocolate means we are near crises time...
Imagine then my pleasant surprise when we got visitors from Japan in today who brought us goodies:
I Love goodies from foreign countries and these little strawberry cakes went down a real treat.
I try not to think about all the "bad" stuff that is in them. They are good and just eating something different makes my taste buds jump for joy.
Big John brought some fish down yesterday so we had Fish and chips for dinner this afternoon which was a welcome treat from the spinach leaves, green leaves, green beans and tempeh.
Want to try to make Fish and Chips at home?
The secret is a bit of baking soda, (a very clever person told me), in the flour mixture and soak the fish in lightly beaten eggs before dipping them in the flour mixture and then fry. (Sally I can hear you cringe all the way from Australia) ;-)
Just for the record: Today if I could have anything I wanted in the whole world for dinner I would choose Greek Salad, Souvlaki with Tzatsiki or fried calamari, (haven't made my mind up yet, -maybe both), pita bread, hummous, Baklava for dessert and fresh strawberries. Hmm...maybe some shrimps too. There is a Greek restaurant in Bali called Mykonos and that will be my first dinner stop once we get back there.

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