Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cyclone warning

As I wrote earlier we had a cyclone warning for this weekend.
So Greg and John took advantage of the increasingly strong southerlies to launch their kites for their first run this season.
I also think it was out of complete boredom as surf has been so bad they felt the urge to do something.
The winds were not strong enough and they ended up way down in "Suckies" land and had to be rescued by the resort dingy. Later on the winds did pick up and it has been blowing full on in the night, so much so that I thought our house was going to take off. Heaps of rain, still blowing strong on-shore's now, so strong in fact that our upstairs lounge and bedroom has turned into a huge waterpit.
Perfect Sunday weather for pancakes and TV watching.

1 comment:

  1. hope it passes over without too much excitement. Wouldn't want anything to intefere with power day. Bay is looking tanned and fit already. Ready for lamb chops yet?