Monday, 28 March 2011


I hardly ever get sunburnt.

Besides maybe some mishaps in my teens, where I used to slather my body in oil come first sign of sunshine, I've now learnt to use protection out there in the sun, and living in the tropics you get more aware of exactly how bad the sun can be for your skin.

So yesterday I had my first surf in 5 months. I dragged John with me down to my little wave and it was perfect conditions, winds were good, (hardly any wind at all), and perfect wave size and since it has been so long since we've been in the water it was just total bliss to be out again on a board and when you are having fun, time flies.

Anyway, came home and realised that I had gotten so sunburnt my whole backside was pink. This despite us slathering on the Spf 30 waterproof before we went out. I had forgotten how strong the sun is down here this time of year.

Today I can hardly walk.

You should see my bum:

I am sure it lights in the dark.

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  1. We do keep telling you about the sun :) You euros just don't learn. Ha! Glad you got Squeelers on for a welcome home treat. Now into the shade for the rest of the day.