Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nearly almost done with the clean up

1 week and three days into our stay here and we're finally on top of things.

Got the red cushions out, scrubbed and waxed the terrazzo and I am finally ready to put my feet up and have a day of relaxation. It's been excellent weather for it: Rain every day, on-shore winds and grey, cloudy weather.

John's been working like a hero in garden, raking and getting rid of fallen palm leaves, grass roots, weeds etc. etc.

The big bonus for Tuesday was that we had the electricity on the whole day. Whop-whop!

Milkshakes galore!

Normally we only have power from 18.00-06.00 except Sundays where we sometimes are so lucky to have power all the way until 15.00.

The latest news from the island is that we are expecting a cyclone to hit this weekend. I really hope it will die down in strength and hopefully miss out on us all together. Would be absolutely devastating to start clean up round 2 straight after we just finished our first one……….

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