Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Junction

After a speedy retreat from the beach we went on to get through the rest of the day. First on our list is to rent a motorbike so we can get around Kuta a bit easier.
We then head to the money changers to change our money. (PS: Never change your money at the airport as the rate is a rip off there). The rate on the board is for Saturday 19/03/2011
We then rush around to do as much food shopping as we can to take with us down to our little Paradise.
At the end of the day we collapse into "The Junction". A really tasty restaurant in Jl. Oberoi.
They have free wi-fi there and seeing we STILL do not have a SIM for our phone we bring our laptops here and reconnect with the world.
My favourite thing here is the "seafood curry",
while John loves the steak.

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  1. Bunge, that steak and chips is so wrong. Didn't you get your chip fill in the UK? Silly question. Good to see you are living it up before island life.