Saturday, 26 March 2011

Away but still home

We have finally arrived back to our beautiful Paradise.

This year we arrive back into a minor devastation.

The dude we had staying here working for us in the off-season decided to split around December, (we think) and since then we've had goats and pigs into our property.

We built what we thought was a goat proof fence from the front but these smart buggers have gotten into our place through our neighbours fence.

The sand is dug out, the bouganvilleas have all been eaten, some of our Frangipani's have died, the creeper we had growing has grown all over the place and is now about to climb onto our main house. My Papaya and Banana trees have all died. So sad...

All in all it looks like a little tiny bomb went off at our place.

Since we had given our now sacked worker the keys to our guest room and since he has gone walkabouts we've now had to break into our own Gudang to get all our cleaning equipment into gear.

Thank heaven for Greg as he invited us over for dinner at his resort the first night we were back. He was also kind enough to give us a forewarning before we got here about the state of the place.

Since that Tuesday night, we have been surviving on Muesli and yoghurt for breakfast and dinner as we missed the Tuesday Markets.

We've been working non-stop since Tuesday and today I can finally sit back and exhale and open my eyes and take in my surroundings.

It is great to be back here.

What's even better: My cats survived the off season. I had left 4 enormously huge cat food bags which were all empty and the workers from next door told me they had been keeping an eye out for them.

They are all happy now, they have moved into the kitchen, too scared to miss a meal but all friendly and happy. (All five of them).

The lounge room we managed to clean up yesterday and I can finally say I am ready for a good book and a long day at the beach!

PS: The winds are on-shore and it is raining every day. The island itself is as lush and green as I've ever seen it and the rice fields are looking real healthy.

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  1. Oh my god, what a housewarming. Another perfect example of impermanence and attachment...plenty to keep Bunge as busy as he likes to be and lots of water to get things growing again. I know our place is trashed, so we'll be met with a similar scene in a month's time. Glad to hear the cats were there to welcome you home. Looks like you've got the lounge back to its spotless self, so you've earned that book and a coffee. x