Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The JR Pad

Thought I'd show you some pictures of "Big John's" house where we are staying for the two weeks here in Japan.

As you can see by the door sign...(what? you don't read Japanese?)
He has designed it himself and it is well thought out.
3 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, entrance, board room on the ground floor, with the Japanese sliding doors,

place for our shoes as true to the Japanese tradition you are not allowed to wear shoes inside, there are slippers provided.

Upstairs there is a wide open living/kitchen area, toilet and wash room.

And magnificent views to the ski runs which is basically just outside his lounge window,

and he even has a fire place.

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  1. A pad of utmost style, fit for His Royal Tingginess and his merry men. We are SERIOUSLY jealous and may never talk to you all again.