Sunday, 27 February 2011

Arkuichi,-slurpie slurp

Big John took me to this awesome noodle restaurant yesterday for lunch.
Again, the clue that this was in fact a restaurant and not a house was this little snowed in sign outside the hut:

It is run and owned by a Japanese couple. She was dressed in a beautiful kimono:

The menu is written on a wooden board:

And so are the prices:

The husband is in charge of making the noodles and it was incredible to watch him:

The bowl he mixes the noodle dough in:

The attention to little details in this country and the way they present their food is just sublime.

The food was awesome. However, what I didn't know is that in this country they slurp, very loudly to show their appreciation of the food.
We are all seated on this long bar area so I understood nothing when the man next to me starting slurping and the next thing another lady on the other side slurped even louder. It turned into a slurping symphony and as the grown up child that I am, I could not stop laughing.
I don't think Big John will ever take me out to lunch again.

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