Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Trex, -the adjuster

The last couple of days we've had brilliant sunny days with not a cloud in the sky.
When I woke up this morning the view from our bedroom window in the hotel Tannenheim looked like this:
So I knew it was going to be an absolute stunner of a day.
The snow is slowly melting away, giving us real hard packed icy conditions in the morning, that slowly turns in to slush come mid morning so I've parked myself in the restaurant.
One of the local dishes is called a Kaisershmarren , (I know I wrote that one wrong,-sorry) and it is like a HUGE pancake, with redcurrant jam. It is absolutely yummy.
Trex has been busy adjusting.
Anything that needs or maybe doesn't even need adjusting will be adjusted. Hence his nickname: "The Adjuster".
He'll wake up in the morning and be late for breakfast because he had to adjust some board or another. Today he spent at least three hours adjusting his skins on his split snowboard, using a spanner from the liftie up on the top chairlift.
The locals know him so well now they'll shake his head and calls him a "spinner" which is a pleasant way of saying he is mad...

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