Saturday, 29 January 2011

"Kvelds" at Vibeke's

Vibeke moved into this awesome house last year.
She has done a tremendous job fixing it up and her upstairs living room/dining room/kitchen and a spare room now looks absolutely fantastic.
It has a gorgeous view which unfortunately I could not get a photo of seeing that it is darker than dark outside, (we had 10!! mins of sun this day, -really!), so will just have to come over in the summer and take some photo's to share then...
I love coming here and this evening she had a few of the girls over for "kvelds" which is like a supper. Vibeke is a fantastic cook. I believe everything I've had at her place just taste sensational.
Her kitchen shelves are full of cookery books from all over the world.
She had made us "knekkebrod" from scratch, which is yummy!

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