Sunday, 30 January 2011


Being back home in Norway I've noticed a big trend for home made baking of "knekkebrod", which is like a hard, flat bread you'd eat in the mornings, or at supper or basically whenever you feel like a snack. Solvi made them, Vibeke made them and even mum made them so I thought I'd share the recipe with who ever is out there.

3 1/2 dl oats
3 1/2 dl whole wheat flour
1 dl bran
1dl lin seeds, (couldn't find a proper translation for this word. Basically it is little brown seeds).
1 1/2 dl sesame seeds
2 dl sunflower seeds
1 dl chopped walnuts, (or any other nuts)
a pinch of salt
7 dl water with 1 spoon honey

Use two baking trays. Bake at 170, after 10 mins cut into squares and continue baking for 30 mins.


  1. what the hell is a dl? I am guessing a decilitre, but I have never measured anything like this, especially solid items like flour or nuts? What's the method, just mix them all together and spread on tray? Please inform so we can make the aussie version. x

  2. Yup, decilitre. Just use a wooden spoon and mix the dry and the wet together. Flatten. Bake. Eat. Enjoy. It is really tasty. And I'm guessing you can use just about any nuts and seeds you want to.