Saturday, 25 December 2010

X mas

Normally around Xmas time I am home in my native Norway to spend time with my family. This year however due to circumstances outside my reach we are in the Italian Alps.

I've had 5 days of massive snowboarding and my legs are crying out in pain.
Yesterday, it was the Norwegian Xmas and I wanted to do something different, so I managed to talk Claire into coming for a swift walk with me in to a place called "Drei Brunnen".

We spent the morning snowboarding and left for our walk just after midday.
The walk takes us through a massive forest and it is so peaceful and quiet in here.

Our destination is the Three Holy Fountains of Trafoi. The water from these fountains is believed to have healing properties and has been around for a very, very long time.

There is a little church right next to the fountains so what better way to celebrate Xmas than to light a candle and sit in peacefulness and soak in the enormous energy that is in this area?

I left the area with a fantastic Xmas feeling.

We came back to our hotel three hours later and totally knackered. With a massive appetite for the fantastic Xmas dinner. Merry Xmas everyone.


  1. what a beautiful sight, sounds like you had an energetic and joyous day, happy christmas xx

  2. Hei Hildegunn!kjempefin blogg du har!:)den skal jeg følge :)og du hadde en nokså spesiell julaften ser jeg,kunne tenke meg å besøke den plassen jeg også!Men jeg er altfor hjemmekjær til å være borte i julen så måtte vert på en sommerferie :)

  3. Dette var en hilsen fra Kristin/
    Og ikke Olebrumm,jeg logget vist inn på hans konto,hehehe...;)