Thursday, 2 December 2010


Voss is about 100km east of Bergen. It sits in a location surrounded by snow-capped mountains, forests, lakes and fast flowing white water rivers.

It is a notable center for skiing, snowboarding, water sports, skydiving paragliding and other adventure sports

Every year they have an extreme sports week which is great fun and probably one of the biggest extreme sports festivals in the world.
My mum is from Voss and I still have a lot of relatives living there so whenever I am home I always make sure I go for a visit.

Vagnsvannet is great both in summer and winter. Last winter it was so cold they were actually driving their tractors on the ice. In the picture above mum and my auntie is posing happily for a pic before we went into "Stasjonen" for a cuppa. (Yes it was absolutely freezing up here that day).
My uncle's horse is named Livild and she is 20 years old. I always make sure I go and say hello to her when I am up there.

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  1. What a contrast to the bikini one month ago. It looks absolutely freezing but there isn't any snow, why is this? Love your grey jacket.